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​​Hamad Majed Al Ghurair
ABDULLA & HAMAD AL GHURAIR INVESTMENT GROUP is interested in diverse business areas and representing internationally renowned companies in Engineering, Technology, Equipment, Manufacturing, Contracting, Construction, FMCG, Fashion Retails, Logistic and Storage, Health Management, Media, Education, Hospitality, General Trading etc.

Success Based Performance, Excellent Record of Quality
ABDULLA & HAMAD AL GHURAIR INVESTMENT LLC's success reflects a commitment we made in the early 2006 to grow through quality service, safety and performance.
Today we are proud to be one of the top holding companies in the region. 

Recognition from Customers and Investors
Our excellent track record of success kept us moving ahead and exceeded our customer's expectations. Thanks to the management and the professional team for maintaining excellent customer relations and everlasting associations.
Whether you are a customer or an investor, you are at liberty to learn more about ABDULLA & HAMAD AL GHURAIR INVESTMENT LLC.

We appreciate your interest and assure you that we will provide you with only the best products and services.
Our Group of Companies is the result of a unique cooperation between management, investors and the Board of Directors where by all parties are lead by a common  vision to establish a group that can provide unique specialized services to various vital business sectors in the Middle Eastern region, particularly in the fields of   Construction and Contracting.

The key to our success can be summarized briefly in our untiring efforts to create:

  • Value for our Customers
  • Disciplined and Focused Investments aimed at maximizing Returns
  • Sound Business Concepts & Investment Philosophies
  • Adherence to the Best Business Practices
  • Strong Management Team
  • Professional and Dedicated Organization
  • High Standards of Corporate Governance
  • Strict Adherence to Safety Policies