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What is Live'ly ?

Live'ly is a new concept designed to provide nutritional, educational and catering services for people to manage their weight and live healthier.

Live'ly's aim

  • Increase people’s awareness regarding food, health and lifestyle changes.
  • Improve the health of the community through our educational, clinical and catering services.

Live'ly's approach

Every friend of Live'ly is cared for in a personalized manner and is offered individual guidance and support.

Live'ly's team

A group of professional dieticians, health promoters, chefs and a management team working together to provide Live'ly friends with top of the line nutritional services and unique emotional and technical support.

Live'ly's services

  • Live’ly Health and Nutrition Lounge that offers you nutritional assessment and health education.
  • Live’ly Health Cuisine that delivers healthy and appetizing meals tailored to your requirements.
  • Live’ly Gourmet and D-Lites that treats you with light and succulent pastries, Arabic sweets, cakes and chocolate, suitable for diabetics.


925 Al Wasal Rd. Al manara
P.O. Box 211037 
Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971 4 3481008
Fax +971 4 3481006