What is Live'ly ?

Live'ly is a new concept designed to provide nutritional, educational and catering services for people to manage their weight and live healthier.

Live'ly's aim

  • Increase people’s awareness regarding food, health and lifestyle changes.
  • Improve the health of the community through our educational, clinical and catering services.

Live'ly's approach

Every friend of Live'ly is cared for in a personalized manner and is offered individual guidance and support.

Live'ly's team

A group of professional dieticians, health promoters, chefs and a management team working together to provide Live'ly friends with top of the line nutritional services and unique emotional and technical support.

Live'ly's services

  • Live’ly Health and Nutrition Lounge that offers you nutritional assessment and health education.
  • Live’ly Health Cuisine that delivers healthy and appetizing meals tailored to your requirements.
  • Live’ly Gourmet and D-Lites that treats you with light and succulent pastries, Arabic sweets, cakes and chocolate, suitable for diabetics.


925 Al Wasal Rd. Al manara
P.O. Box 211037 
Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971 4 3481008
Fax +971 4 3481006



'Jannati' (My Heaven) is Spa and Wellness Company that is located in the Dubai Women's Association, Deira, 'Jannati' will offer the highest levels of customer service to ladies in comfortable and stylish surroundings and providing a comprehensive range of Spa and Wellness services and facilities to focus on the inner and outer body.

Designed to take women on a journey of relaxation, well-being and self re-discovery, 'Jannati' will provide an escape from the outside world, to capture 'a little bit of heaven' for themselves, whether it be as a member or as a day guest, blending the forces of nature to provide a balance against today's backdrop of stress, time limitations and pollution.

Oxygen, water, and earth are nature's ingredients that provide the elements to 'Jannati' and in conjunction with Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa from Indonesia, we offer a blend of traditional therapies handed down through generations of Royal Princesses, alongside traditional Moroccan ritual treatments. In addition we blend western technology to provide aesthetic treatments providing solutions to hair, face and body concerns and our Salon services will provide the latest in hair care, nail care and beauty treatments.

To focus on the inner body, 'Lively' will provide dietary services through consultation and diet plans, along with nutritional planning and pre-ordered, individually designed menu delivery. 'Lively' Spa Café will serve refreshments and food to enhance any visit to 'Jannati'.

To complement these services a full range of fitness facilities will be available including fitness studio and fully equipped gymnasium, personal training and client consultation.

'Jannati' offers everything for today's woman. 

Contact Detail

P.O. Box. 92370 |
TEL: +971 4 2659444
FAX: +971 4 2683244